We offer

Through established global logistics network of contacts with top manufacturers we are specializing in securing a steady supply of carbon and graphite applications at spot, on forward and under delivery terms which most convenient to end use customers.

We develop and advise our customers on selection of carbon and graphite applications worldwide which would fit our customers’ technical production needs and we offer most attractive commercial and financial terms of supply.

We provide access to top suppliers and consumers of carbon and graphite products and we arrange visits of top manufacturers’ specialists to end use customers’ production facilities to manage testing of trial applications and collect technical information to tailor applications.

We manage a significant portion of transportation, insurance, brokerage, customs and regulation compliance matters that are normally adherent in international trade and take considerable time of manufacturers and industrial consumers of carbon and graphite applications to manage. We let our customers to concentrate on their core manufacturing business activities.

How we can help you

By contacting us, we shall offer you a proved in its efficiency the supply chain and logistics solutions to either trade you products worldwide or get your business supplied with unique applications under most convenient delivery terms. Having 15 years of successful trading history, we have established an efficient logistics system that allows manufacturers of carbon and graphite products to expand its market geography and touch customers worldwide. We care about quality of applications supplied, creditworthiness check of counterparties, cargo transportation, insurance, customs and other regulatory compliance matters.

Our strengths are low overheads, no costs of storage, flexibility and a good knowledge of carbon and graphite market. Our presence on the scene has also forged many long lasting relations with suppliers, end use customers, brokerage and shipping companies. Besides the trading activity, we are also offering the service of a local European agent for your sales and/or purchases. We also assist CIS and Asian companies with their exports and imports to and from various destinations.

If you require sale or purchase of carbon or graphite products in bulk or in small orders, simply contact our managers and we shall offer best options you would explore in marketing and distributing your products or securing your B2B application purchases worldwide.